CMH/MH for veg (my experience)

I have a 21 day old auto OG Kush. She has spent her whole life up until last night under a 315w cmh with the Phillips 3100k bulb.
(Last night)
After lights out last night, the light was changed to a 600w Yield master MH running @ 400w.

After only 3 hours on, the plant is praying harder and looks better than she ever has.
This was my first try giving the CMH a chance @ veg, and hands down it's an easy decision for me.
MH for vegging and the CMH for side lighting in the flower tent.

I love my cmh for the added spectrum and low heat in the flower tent, but they seem pretty pointless to me for veg.

So, if you're looking for a veg tent light, stick to old school MH IMO.
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