Vegging with HPS??

I have an auto flower in my veg tent that I'd like to keep in there the whole cycle, so I decided to swap out my MH for a HPS bulb.
I know a respected grower who swears by vegging under hps. In his words, "big plants make big buds".
It must work because he cranks out trees from his basement home grow. 3-4lbs per plant. (Renfro is who I'm speaking of if anyone knows him.)

I've been interested in trying this before, but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with it and can give me "some sort" of an idea of how much more stretch and nodal spacing I might expect vs. with the MH?

I'm not too concerned about the gelato or zkittlez glue in there, but I know the blue dream gets hella huge under regular circumstances.
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Found an older article on the subject. Worth the read if you use HID.
To sum it up, according to a few university studies, "there is no empirical evidence to support the age old belief that the extra blue light provided by an MH bulb in early growth gives any benefit or change to growth patterns".
Given that HPS is more efficient than MH, I might just give it a try in veg for a while.
Might even be able to save a couple of watts in the process.
I already had to raise the light and turn it down from 650 to 600w. After 8 hours, the plants looked beat.
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