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Looking for 3 testers on this site to grow some upcoming strains and post weekly updates here. If you feel like this is something you would be interested in doing then send me a PM with a list of your (Grow & Photo) equipment, nutrients used and grow experience. Thank you all for your support


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The pre 2000 Godbud tastes wonderful. Slightly fruity like juicy fruit...fantastic cream finish and wonderful 50 50 effect. A great wake and bake and wonderful campfire smoke.

That bag went FAST....i hate when you love a bud so much you keep reaching in THAT bag and then you pull the last couple of little buds and have to run it again.
Day 54 and she was ready after 42 days of veg.

godbud day 54.jpg
day 46 bud shot
pre 2000 godbud day 46.jpg


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I am running some J James gear currently...they are above the plug so its no lie.

:) But just above the plugs. 10 for 10 popped up I will probably run them in the 32 special with the new light in get things rolling i will use 2 hydrored totes and put the planters in the tray.

Rock Island Rocket is a stellar combination of the American Chemdawg and European Hash Plant. Extremely loud citrus and gas terpenes makes it an instant favorite among flavor seekers.

The goal of this run is strictly hash....i will keep an oz of buds but the rest is all going into the hash washer to test yield by the bag.

A couple of these may have fell in water as well.

Chiquita Banana
Lineage: Black Banana Cookies x Dank Sinatra F3
THC Content: High
Yield: Small – Medium
Flowering Time: 9 -10 weeks
Medicinal Properties: Yes
Taste / Flavor: Banana, Rotten Fruit, Hash

When they are at the point of sexing i will post some pics....they look like sprouts :D
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