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Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas, Brisco Bargain Beans is B-A-N-A-N-A-S including:

Banana Punch Cocktail F1 (Banana Cocktail x Banana Punch)
Brisco’s Banana’s (Banana Punchsicle x Banana Punch)
Money Tree (GG4 x Jilly Bean)
Orange Greases (Greases Pieces x Jilly Bean)

Special for 4/20 Blue Star Seed Co will be giving out to the first 50 orders will come with a FREE pack of Dj Short's F4 Blueberry crossed with his Old Time Moonshine or Dj Short's F4-FX1 crossed with his Old Time Moonshine!

New for 4/20, Katsu Seeds Fritter Bomb (Apple Fritter x Romulan)! Katsu’s latest work Fritter Bomb is a potent F1 cross of the insanely terpy Apple Fritter crossed with the super-yielding Romulan. Limited quantities are available.

Black Strap Auto (Anvil F7 (Reversed) x Black Label Cookies III) is the joint project between Mandalorian Genetics and Brother Mendel’s Selections and Mandalorian’s FIRST feminized autoflower offering!!! The goal was to cross two powerhouses with color, size, yield, and terps to make some of the darkest autos around. The mix will bring an array of terps but mostly in the spicy and bakery areas. Anvil is known for her Afghan influence and the Black Label Cookies is known for its sweet bakery and candy aromas.

On 4/20 Mass Medical Strains will be launching the Peaceful Child (Greenbodhi collaboration) strain and it will include this beautiful poster showing all 100 Mass Medical Strains creations on it! Peaceful Child is an epic hybrid that will do great indoors and outdoors too! The mother was my best outdoor plant last year, with huge yields and amazing resistance to the elements!

Special for 4/20 new Tonygreen's Tortured Beans and Karma Genetics collabs including:

G Unit (Gorilla Bubble BX5 x Sowah (Sour Diesel BX4)) Regs
GG4 Recombinant Inbred Line (GG4 BX6 x reversed Gorilla Bubble Bx5) Regs
Sowah Grapefruit (New York Candy Orange x Gorilla Bubble x Sowah (Sour Diesel BX4)) Regs

Breeder Specials:

  • 3Thirteen Seeds: Buy 1 Fem pack, get 1 “Grease’s Pieces” Fem pack free! Buy 1 Reg pack, get 1 “Sin City Juice” Reg pack free!
  • Big Worm Genetics: Buy any two Big Worm packs and receive a free regular five-pack of “Blue Frosting” (Glazed Black Cherries x 97 Bluemoonshine x Purple Northern Lights #5) while supplies last!
  • Blue Star Seed Co.: First 50 orders will come with a FREE pack of Dj Short’s F4 Blueberry crossed with his Old Time Moonshine or Dj Short’s F4-FX1 crossed with his Old Time Moonshine!
  • Brisco’s Bargain Beans: All reg seeds come with a bonus 5 pack of seeds attached!
  • Copa Genetics: All Icy Grape packs will come with a free preservation 5-pack of Gogi OG F2, all other Copa packs will come with a 5-pack Ancient OG F3 while supplies last!
  • Docs Dank Seeds: All Docs Dank Seeds packs will come with Doc’s mixed pack sampler!
  • Freak Genetics: All Freak packs will come with a free five-pack of Blackberry Skittles (Gorilla Skittles x Blackberry Hammer)!
  • Katsu Seeds: All Katsu Seeds packs will come with a free surprise tester pack!
  • Magic Strains: Witch Doctor 5 packs will have 1 extra seed. 10-packs will receive two mystery auto fem seeds. And the Smooth Criminal will receive 3 regs of Hawaii Blue!
  • Mandalorian Genetics: grab any two packs of Mandalorian Genetics and receive a free four-pack of “The Forge F2 Auto” regular seeds while supplies last!
  • Mass Medical Strains: each pack of Mass Medical will come with an exclusive free half-pack while supplies last!
  • Oni Seed Co.: Grab any two packs of Oni Seed packs and receive a free five-pack of Dubb Trop (Sour Dubble x Tropicanna Cookies F1)!
  • Second Generation Genetics: All SGG donations will come with a surprise SGG five-pack while supplies last!
Happy 4/20 to all our followers and fans! I can't believe this is our sixth 4/20 Sale?! We have been frantically trying to stock the shelves, but as many of you know they will be bare on Wednesday, April 21st, so be sure to get your orders in early before items sell out!

There is always some confusion about when the sale actually begins...The sale begins at 12:01 am EDT tonight, for many of you on the West Coast that is Sunday at 9:01 pm your time.

Have a safe a wonderful 4/20 holiday,
Paul N. Chucker
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