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Tilts at Tables
I find cold temps really put a damper on things.
I never let mine below 65°/ 19C, day or night.
Seems below 16C / 60°, things really slowed down.
In the extreme, they will full stop, at half that temp. I had a male in a cold ( 10C/ 50° over night) corner and after 4 weeks of flowering, it wasnt doing nothing. I didnt know if it was drowning or dry. Killed it off slowly~ before he ever milted a spec.
He's getting something like that now, only have a 250watt heater as my spare, just got home from work and checked him was 58f in there, but he should be fine he's already got a few sacks open now, took my sweet ass time moving him to the other end of the house, he should be fully ready in a day or 2, had to chop a few tops off to get him out of the veg space, he grew through the grates in a night ???
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