Not sure if y'all know but I started breeding a few years back w autos . Found a really nice one and made my Whitebreads. Which was a Nl x WW cross call whipeout express. I hit her w a male jamaican lambsbread auto and her high and terps have become one of my favs . Straight lemon starburst terps , some a little piney. Never thought I'd ever say that about an auto . They have come along way. Heres the new mom I made f2s with . Screenshot_20201123-072559.pngScreenshot_20201123-072531.png


Started my week with a big smile when I saw this thread title. Thanks for sharing your work and background to these crosses. I wish you nothing but the best! Is it the same Jamaican auto male in this Banana Bread? The female,(lemon cake?) was a reg right?
The banana bread was made w my banana cake #3 from in-house I had forever . Just a massive yeilder and terpy as all hell . This was a year before I did the auto chuck. So I used a Jamaican lambsbread male from dman and hit her . He was awesome looked like a perfect male. Solid arms , Xmas tree shape and clusters of male parts everwhere. The male I used for the autos was lambsbread from crop kings .


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Just wanted to get something started. Got a few chucks out there now and wanted a place to share . Just did the bbhammer crosses and can't wait to see what fire comes from it . Thx for the support yall!
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I really love seeing this kinda stuff. You clearly have the passion bro, I look forward to watching your work.
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