Gelato #45 x Ecto Cooler

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Strain Name: None
Genetics: Gelato #45 x Ecto Cooler
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid

Yield: Medium-Heavy
Flowering Time: 63-68 days
Height: Medium, x2 stretch
Feeding: Moderate feeding
Training: Easily tops and throws many side branches that may need support later in flower

Gelato leaners: Taller, longer internodes, purple-kissed during flower, spent fireworks/smell of volatiles.
Ecto Cooler leaners: Shorter to medium height, tighter internodes, more skunk-like structure, strong orange terps
Effect: sedative, relaxing (mentally and physically), anxiolytic, very nice body buzz. munchies-inducing
Taste/Smells: sharpie, cleaning products, fresh orange peel, peanut butter.

Quote from thenasty1: "I really like this pheno, and so does everyone whose tried it. multiple people have asked, without being in communication with one another, when the "orange rind bud" is coming back around. "asap" is my response. this cut has become one of my favorites out of my current lineup. now, i tend to like more narcotic strains in general. but this one stands out to me, even in a cupboard full of heavy indicas, because i dont lose efficiency or productivity from it. but at the same time, when i retire for the day and smoke one of these, it can melt me into the couch. this one is definitely a keeper."
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photo credit: thenasty1
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