High Altitude Skunk

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Strain Name: High Altitude Skunk
Appalachian Super Skunk x Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk
HAS genes.png
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid (sat dom)
Yield: Medium

Flowering Time: 63-70 days
Height: Medium-Tall, x2-x3 stretch
Feeding: Moderate to heavy feeder
Training: Can get tall and require support, handles topping well

Appalachian Super Skunk leaners: mint green buds, silver look to trichomes, dark leathery leaves, rust colored stigma, more sour cream & onion funk
Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk leaners: carrot orange stigma, velvet look, sweeter tones to smell
Effect: goofy smile, revved up mind, slows down the world but gives your mood a kick
Taste/Smells: creamy, sour cream & onion, slight sweet, peppery

Overall Summary
You won’t have to scale the heights of Appalachian or Afghan mountains to find this skunk. This line is more of the Skunk #1 varieties with taller heights, less leafiness, more open structure, and some dairy-based funky notes to the bouquet. The more ragged look (less spherical golf ball nugs) is also present as seen in some of the older Skunk #1 variants.
Since this is an F1, there will be a pretty open spread to the variance but falls between the parent leaners well enough to tell them apart. Most phenos will all manifest the taller height (marked difference from the Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk father). The A.S.S. leaners have a more “Chem” look to them with mint green buds showered with white trikes, peppered with dark green tertiary leaves peaking between floral clusters, and darker rust colored stigma. The S.A.S. leaners will have a velvety appearance to the trichome coverage, bright carrot colored stigma, and a sweeter touch than the soured dairy smells of the A.S.S. leaners. Most phenos have the very tacky trichomes of the S.A.S. and varying degrees of the sour cream & onion nose.
The High Altitude Skunk has a funky sweet smoke that really puts your mind in the clouds. The name tips to the parentage monikers, plant growth height, and effect.

(2 different phenos)
HAS-1-clean.jpeg High Altitude Skunk - 2.jpeg

High Altitude Skunk - 3.jpeg HAS -3-clean.jpeg
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