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Hi everyone,
I'm an outdoor grower, mainly of photo's at least that's where I've had my best success, although I am still flirting with a few auto's this year.

This will be my 3rd year growing, and I'm hopeful for good things to come. My first 2 grows produced a surplus so yay, and last years grow improved upon Year 1 with no repetition of earlier mistakes, and best of all year 2 had only very minimal pests or bud rot. My grow style is both low tech and low budget, I just don't have a lot of money to spend on the endeavor but so far that has worked out fine. I am also pretty laid back about the grow, I do keep a close eye on things because I'm right here all the time anyway with nothing else to do but old man stuff, but I don't trip balls when I see something is off, I just work the problem and so far it's always worked out. Should it not work out, I have friends I've known a long time that typically do very well and can spot me what I need for months if necessary.

I use salts, specifically Southern Ag 20-20-20 Power Pak, and I like something in the neighborhood of 15-50-15 for flowering nutes. My plants go into holes dug into the sandy loam native soil about 2.5 feet and then those filled with Miracle Gro Garden Soil. I use neem, and the time-honored classic BT, and praying mantis for pests. Where I live is basically a bog in a prairie, there's plenty of water close to the surface and sometimes a lot of the surface goes under for a few days. Lots of wind.

This year as with Year 1, I will be installing 5 established photo clones acquired from a friend. I'll also be having a go at 3 auto's from seed that I have popped already. I will begin an Outdoor Grow journal once I get everything installed and get some pics. Good Times :dancingsmiley"

We also grow tomatoes, asparagus, going to start morel mushrooms. My wife is into flowers and ornamental plants. We have an Empress Wu hosta that is going to be big af this year. There is both abundance and diversity in the wildlife here and we enjoy that a lot.

Besides growing and smoking canna flower, I like a cold beer, I also like reading, war movies and war gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, target shooting, fishing, angry comedians and heavy metal.

Gotta be the longest intro I ever did, apologies. Shout out to @Rozgreenburn for the invite, much appreciated. See you all on the boards and looking forward to interacting with anyone interested. ??

Captain Sternn

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Welcome @Captain Sternn looks like you'll fit right in around here ?. What strains are you going to be growing this year?
I meant to mention that.
2x Hindu Kush
1x Durban Poison
1x Northern Lights
1x Forbidden Zkittles Raspberry Boogie

That's the photos, I have no idea whose genetics they're from. I'm particularly stoked about the Northern Lights, as incredible as it may seem I've never gotten to smoke any before so wooooo. And Durban was my best of grow last year, you can hardly help but love that stuff. Mine came out peppery sometimes garlicky and with a great stone.

Autos are from Jean-O's Genetics in Michigan. I haven't yet had a chance to see if Jean-O has a presence here.
1x Blueberry Cheesecake
2x Grape Cheese

My track record with autos is dismal. I sure hope these guys work out I would like to do Jean-O and his products proud so we'll see.
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