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Didn't know where else to put it; but I am going to say it is a thing.

Tonight, curiosity got the best of me and I shucked one out.:oops:
This is
(Blood Orange Tangie x Sour tangie) X (Romulan x Blueberry):cool:

First question
- Do seeds shrink ?
Cause, like, I have never really done this before and golly, that is a whopper. Maybe not like @Keif Lint Horse pills, yet certainly bigger than the seeds I planted to grow them.

The branch was dusted four weeks ago, I expected a greener seed.
I plan on leaving them sit in the buds until harvest ( 2, 3 weeks)

-Can you look at this seed and know that it is mature?
Or is that simply a function of time?


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I will share some of the things that I was always told Jewels. Haven't exactly researched it deeply, so take with a grain of salt. One of the main differences is in color that I have seen. Younger seeds will be a more white color, more mature seeds will be darker, and have tiger stripes. Cracks? Have any? Another one, you should be able to lightly squeeze them without popping. ive popped a lot of seeds some good for sure, and some bad, you can kinda tell in the hardness of the shell, and it may have a waxy feel to it.

Then there is always the float test...see if it sinks in an hour or so. The seed you have looks to be on the more mature side. I like to compare markings of the seeds as they can be very different, and may help to determine point of maturation.

As far as curing I just put them in a small cardboard box.
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I just popped in and this came up.. so just my 2 cents worth...
yes to all your ???

run your plant longer then you would for smoke....... so if it's a 8 wk plant plan on 9..... that seed looks good for the age... your going to have some good beans there to run good work...

if your going to keep the plant and reveg it... run you food all the way just take it down to 25% on the wks you would flush ... the bud will still be good to smoke/sale... and your plant will revag Fast........

anyways just my 2 cents worth........................
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