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Hey guys! New guy here.. from norcal area. I'm a small time grower, chucker, and lover of plants. I grow inside, in soil, and my practices are as simple and organic as possible. I was invited here by a couple buds of mine @Buck5050 and @Idlewilder. I don't really have all that much going or to show atm...other than testing a couple lines that are still in early veg and some cuttings I just pulled out and uppotted the other day. I'm weeks out from flowering anything, so nothing exciting right now is what I'm getting at? Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting some more dope ass grow buddies to share our grows, genetics, and laughs with?


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Underground Chucker
Wholly shit... Didn't know that welcome could get any warmer!! Really nice to be here guys! My buddies have been telling me about this place for some months now. Glad I finally decided to get my toes wet.
Hey bud! I love some vag I mean veg shot
?I hesitated while writing, but being my first post here, didn't know if anyone would get it, so I switched it back to veg?
I'd be one of those folks that @Gentlemancorpse mentioned who can appreciate a good veg shot.
Welcome to pH @MO_Grow ...youre in good company here!
Thanks man, just judging by the warm welcome, I believe I am!
Welcome to Phenohunter @MO_Grow !

Hey, thanks! I don't think we've ever interacted before but I do recognize the handle from another forum ?
My man Mo! Good to see you stopping in and testing waters. ?
Thanks homie, it took me a while but I made it!

Anybody I didn't address directly, please don't take it personal. I'm sure I'll warm up to you all very soon... Really not use to so many responses in such a short period of time ? takes me like a week+ at my other place to get so many. I appreciate all the love shown to this new kid on the block! Good times ahead for sure!!
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