HID kicks ass


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Q-36 Space Modulator
Have never ran an HPS, but I know some folks that love em. Lol. Use what ya will, they can all grow some dank. ???
For the flower room I run a 315 cmh (3100 bulb) in the center of the room with another 1200-1300 watts of cobs and qb's (3500 +3000+ uv & ir) in a 4' x 8.5' grow space.
I really do like the cmh being in there, adds a certain type of glow. Lol.
Veg room is about 500 watts of qb's in 5000k over a 4' x 5'.
Hell yeah, use what ya got and grow dank. ?


home grown
I' ran hps for about 8 years 1,000 & 600 at one point each in their own area got good results & finally got a galaxy 250-400 switchable ballast that would fire either hps or mh bulbs I would veg with a 250 mh & then flower with 400 hps it worked beautifully if I were to do it again I would get their 400-600 switchable ballast a little higher operating cost than my leds but it would get results I did some of my best grows with hid lighting the 600w. my favorite good balance of operating cost & performance
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