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The poll in this question is meant for the comp I am hosting.

1. Tag @ 3 users into this thread.
2. Guess how many beans are in the bag displayed below -
View attachment 19787
3. 1 entry per user

Winner -
Closest guess

Prizes -
A set of 3 approximately 1.5gal stoneware planters that look something like this -
View attachment 19789
and a selection from the chucked inventory -
View attachment 19790

Entry deadline September 7, 2020.

I will post updates on the progress and process of making the pots in the coming weeks, but here are a few of the prototypes.
View attachment 19791 View attachment 19792 View attachment 19794
View attachment 19793

Feel free though to answer the question any way you want. The competion pots are a stone ware clay and can be fired in what is called an "open" or "closed" and anywhere inbetween.

Open firing allows water into and through the body. They hold water but are not waterproof. The pots can appear wet.

Closed firing makes the form as sealed as possible without creating a blob in the kiln. Generally still porous but wont appear wet.

The catch - do you use bennies? If so I think open form is better, otherwise I think I like the closed form. Your choices are as follows:
Cone 4 - Open
Cone 5 - Middle ground
Cone 6 - Closed


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I wish I had even the slightest clue what this means lol
@TheSadBadGrower Take a look at this thread... that should clear things

@TheSadBadGrower Take a look at this thread... that should clear things

Thank you very much.


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The winner of the comp wants them open so to clean the answer has been received amd this post is to close out and clean up the question forum.
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