Question How does everyone store their bud?


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So apologies if this has been asked before... I searched the forum a bit and didn't see it.

But how does everyone store their flower? For years I've preferred Amber Ball Jars but this year they've become hard to find at a reasonable price... the zon always has them but at twice the price I usually pay... I prefer the amber because it means I don't need a dark place for my jars

So anyways I refuse to pay Amazon's prices so I'm looking for alternatives!


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As soon as folks started their COVID gardens this year...........jars went through the roof. Still cheap enough if you can pick them up at walmart, not sure if they have the brown one. You can try Fillmore container also

Answering your question, I like gallon and half gallon glass jars myself.


Air-tight and light-proof is best.
glass or (good) stainless - they have cheaper kitchen storage things that are food-grade stainless but just don't have the rH pack hanger. (neither do the jars LOL)
Clear jars stored in the dark is as good as amber ones - whch I store in the dark anyway.
Plastic is not so good but hard-plastic, shiny-surface containers work too. Stuff that will break instead of bend? But most plastic isn't air-tight unless it has an extra seal.
That's al I got.


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I used these "infinity jars" for a while
Every time I ended up sorting through them or handling them I could smell the herb sent with the lid on securely. I ditched them for this type:
This type seals with no issues. Even holds liquid in. They came with extra seals which you can replace if they go bad. Since they are clear glass and I wanted to keep the light at bay I order some drawstring bags to place them in:
Both the bags and the jars come in multiple sizes so you can adjust what amount you're storing. (y)
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