Issues low ph in super soil?

Hello, I mixed my own supersoil, quick breakdown is 40% ffof, 20% biochar, 20% clay growing media, 20% worm castings, neem seed meal, and alfalfa meal. I mixed everything in November and it has been sitting in a hefty trash can since. and my ph is showing high 3 into 4. Any idea of what is causing this and how to remedy it?


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How does it smell ?

Alfa is Nitrogen heavy and anaerobicly provokable.
In the absence of oxygen, lactic acid is produced. This is how ranchers make silage.

What is the ambient temperature, where the soil is stored ?
There is an exothermic reaction that needs to occur but it is facilitated by reasonable ambient temperatures,,,, meaning that while I continue to mix my soil outdoors all winter( below freezing) , there is no action happening.

I do not understand all of the chemistry and I am certainly no authority on the topic. However given the same situation this is what I would do.

Spread all of that soil out on a warm surface , and let it get bone dry.
Completely saturate with water , and dry cycle again.
In time, try a germination test.
Sprinkle (ideally cannabis) seed across the media. Any seed would work. Bean and Legume seed are inexpensive, Peas would work also- they would fix up N at the same time.
If they grow you are good to go. If they burn up, you need to keep cycling~or dilute.

Don't be discouraged , this is probably a case of bad timing , not bad product


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If you have a pH meter or strips you could try a slurry test to double check. Just take a pinch or two of soil, put in glass add equal amount of distilled water, give a little shake then let sediment settle then check pH of that water. Or just try a seed of something to see if it grows. I'm just leery of those probes sometimes. Hope this helps bro.
The remedy if it is low pH would be as jewels said or to let it sit longer and see if it cooks on it's own after being mixed again.
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