Late, but right on time!


In Bloom
Hey everyone it’s Windy. I’ve been around the block like a forum whore but not in a bad way.
I try to follow the good vibes and I’m sensing something good here.
Anyway, stay tuned for an ongoing journal here soon.
Currently flowering some Landos Stash F2, Jabbas Stash F2, Nitro Cookies x Space Monkey, and Lavender Daydream.
In Veg from seed I have Runtz F2, DLA5 F2, Sakura F2, Ghost Whistler x CNC, Bear Jelly, Goldy Bear and a single Goji F1.
Doing some pheno hunting for possible preservation on some of those seeds, the others are just for fun and documentation.

Blessings, Windy
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