Lets see those rigs


The Sentient Naturewalker
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cant a brother dream? Much love to motherships art!



bad mother chucker
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I have a friend who is a huge glass fan. He has been reading all he can about glass-blowing, wants to do it himself, follows certain creators whose work he enjoys. The guy even brought a 20" high bong and a jug of distilled water along while we hiked and fished in some rough terrain last year. I also have a high end glass place near me that has numerous pieces in the 4 figure range, so I appreciate that there is a market for this stuff and I absolutely admire the skill and artistry that goes into them.

That said, the practical and cheap side of me cannot reconcile the idea of combining fragile, expensive and often unwieldy glass pieces with high grade weed and very stoned people. My bongs are all practical and replaceable.
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