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Hi guys I'm Mim. I'm 32 and I like to grow the trees. I love taking pics and sharing what I see, how I see it. Follow along if ya like

Well I'm not too sure where to begin, so I'll just jump right into the stuff I have going on currently. I'm sure I'll catch up backstories on everything eventually but it seems a little overwhelming right now.

Here is my first intentional cross of Exotic Genetics "Vanilla Gorilla" female (my current longest running keeper) x Humboldt Seed Company's " AK47". She reeks of fowl chemmy berries
IMG_8328.jpg IMG_8323.jpg

This is my second Intentional cross of my Vanilla Gorilla female with Dirty Water Organic's " Star Stomper" male. She has been a pretty happy camper so far, and this is my first time flowering her out. She's the tall one in the middle

Hazeman Seeds "Astro Kush" in 5 gal DWC . Second run with this cut, she puts up some delicious sprite-ish sour chunks and seems to handle stress pretty well.

Bodhi " Love Triangle" just blowing my mind in a 5 gal DWC. I have stressed this plant like crazy and she hasn't slowed down one bit. She went 2 days with a completely pinched air line and never stopped praying. My res is anything but sterile and idk how we survived! Blessed are the bodhi's
IMG_8329.jpg IMG_8330.jpg

I have a handful of cuts in the stable currently and just did a decent size bean pop. Of all the new stuff coming up I'm most excited about the AK Bean Brains Hawaiian Catpiss V3 seedling that came up with the quickness and started praying instantly.

and last but not least the newest addition and my first ever clone that I accepted from another gardener. It is a 20 year old hoarded cut of "blackberry". I was gifted the cut with a sample of the bud that was grown without much love and it was the tastiest berriest thing I have ever came across. I am going to make her the base of my next breeding project and can't wait to see what we get.
IMG_7947.jpg IMG_8348.jpg

That brings us up to speed sorta ... I usually take pics of stuff nightly so eventually the journal will be all caught up. Thanks for stopping by!

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OOO look at those monster fan leafs!!!

Gr8 stuff keep posting pictures!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
Thanks dabs, I will keep takin' the pics, it's my obsession!

I look forward to following along. I always love looking at pics. Nice work!
Thanks, glad to provide some eye candy for yas

Wow, impressive lineup. Definitely fired up to follow along. That Blackberry sounds like a nice addition. Look forward to seeing that one grow out.
Thanks for stoppin in! I'm excited for her too, I don't really know what to expect. Not much info is frustrating, but kinda fun at the same time.

Love the look of thos VG crosses ... that one with the star stomper looks like shes going to put out some serious nugs!

What are you using for a cover crop in that last pic? Thinking of trying out some clover on my next soil grow
That cross was the one I let my girlfriend pollinate and she said she knew it would be special. I'll be damned. lol
I have some crimson clover sprouting up in those pots that are filled with the straight up KIS biochar mix. That stuff seemed a lil' thick to my liking, so I figured they would help break it up a bit. We'll see what happens

Nice work...will definitely be spectating! Good happenings going on!
Thanks! Big good vibes for stoppin in!

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Cannarado genetics "Doho x Blue Cookies" is starting to turn into a little gem. Shes got some gassy funk with a lil bit of that blueberry muffin smell. It's looking like her cuts will get a re-run in bigger pots. I usually run them small when it's the first go and then make my decision...
IMG_8426.jpg dohoblue1.jpg

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Great photos and what an awesome selection of strains! Can’t wait to see the results of that Blackberry....pretty cool that you have an old school cut!
Friggin beeauty, bud!
that vanilla the gorilla ?
Thanks Guys! I'm still trying to figure out a cool, non-generic way to say thanks when ya'll say kind words! but for now, thanks for stoppin by~ :geek:

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Exotic Genetics "Berry Bubba" on the left, my AKVG on the right. I was supposed to have an orginial VG in the bucket, but when the clones are small, she resembles mom so much, I got confused. I haven't been labeling my VG for the past year because I know her so well, but now that her daughters are in the stable it's a lil tougher

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I am currently smoking on some 87' Limepop x Palm Beach Sour Apple Diesel that I received as a freebie from the seed source. I can't get the guy who runs that joint to tell me anything about the Palm Beach Sour Apple Diesel though, and it's frustrating. The crazy thing about this cross, and the reason I started it was because I was born in 87, in West Palm Beach. It just felt right. If anyone is sitting on those beans I'd give em' a pop!!
IMG_6978.jpg pbhydrofin.jpg pbApple.jpg pbAPPLESLICE.jpg
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