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Things that bring me joy:

-saving colas for last

-a perfectly clean piece *turning a bowl upside down to load because it is clean, is quite pleasurable

-seeds that crack overnight

-scissor hash

Something I never thought could bring such joy but it has so much so, I am sharing it with peers

-my new lighter

So maybe I’m late to the game because of my state and I’m just behind on everything. But holy shit did you guys know these flameless electronic arc lighters actually work; and when you use one you get to see lightening bolts zapping your bowl?!?!

No more sucking butane bic for me no sir.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this is just so enjoyable. It’s a combination of things:

No butane


the fact it was like $18 for two so I will always have at least one charged

I feel like it tastes better but maybe thats just placebo

After a couple weeks you sort of learn how the arcs travel across the bowl so it’s just an enjoyable amount of control

I never thought I’d be so stoked on something this random but I am. I’ve had them maybe two weeks. Even if these things break after a couple months, which I don’t think they will, I will for sure use these going forward when possible. One thing I noticed is it’s better to keep the probes just barely above the material so they stay clean and the arc can travel. I chose this specific design because the exposed posts seemed most logical for lighting bowls vs the flatter 4 prong style I saw too while researching

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