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Howdy all here’s a few pics of my current grows , I run 3 tents soon to have 2 more set up by Xmas time .
tent #1 has strawberry cough and girl guide under 400w Hps Son-TAgro , tent #2 has Cheese under a SpiderFarmerLED sf2000 ,
tent #3 has strawberry lights#1 under Viparspectra 600w . B7EDB9FF-0CC3-41A4-AAB4-31582330B408.jpeg 664DB610-30E9-4D5C-A8C1-F5D031AF2273.jpeg BD7CB971-4F35-40DF-B2A2-AB9D8469A516.jpeg CF22AF2D-3DF2-4514-9795-C474DE665A0D.jpeg 2EF52D4E-154C-4156-95BC-B4A294D85C64.jpeg AD19DC03-97F0-4994-BB91-5BAC34D55A56.jpeg


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Cheers thanks heaps for the warm welcome, is it better to post my pics as thumbnail or full size ? Od .
Entirely up to you my friend. Feel free to use your journal as you see fit. Thumbnails are helpful if you are uploading a bunch of photos at once so you can stay organized, Full images are my favorite for bud porn LOL... If you get stuck somewhere, shoot me a PM... Happy to help.
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