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Got some new strains up n running Bubba Slush , Gods Glue , Cheese dawg with new seed showing up this week I’ve been starved of new genetics for years but now I’m like a kid in a candy store . 21DE0252-22B2-4971-82C5-C95515CBDFC0.jpeg79365C6E-457B-44FA-A808-C5A81964137B.jpeg21DE0252-22B2-4971-82C5-C95515CBDFC0.jpeg79365C6E-457B-44FA-A808-C5A81964137B.jpeg812E5044-357E-4CE5-89B6-7B908261FC47.jpeg89940CBE-C194-4863-80D4-FCCD0326EFC5.jpeg6335D65F-FC7B-41AA-82FD-AD55FFF6FAA3.jpeg98C489B5-86DD-42BA-9996-D6C07C513726.jpeg


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Awesome. Careful though, that was me a year and a half ago now I should open a seed bank. Easy to lose control and buy everything you ever wanted. 😆
I’m hearing you on that I’ve kept it down to 4 strains off a Melbourne site and 4 strains off a international’s site so I think I’ve now got enough for a new start I’ve been growing from clones for many years I think some strains get weaker as they get older , last seed grow I did was heaps stronger and longer lasting high so I’m going back to seed crops for now .
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