Nutrient deficiencies


I think I've got a grip on the fungus gnats issue I've been dealing with, but there still seems to be problems in the garden. It looks like nitrogen deficiency (based on the Marijuana Garden Saver), but I'd appreciate some input.

Started with lower (and older) leaves turning yellow and then wilting. Has continued to spread upwards and the plants look a little droopy.




One plant did seem to have some wilted (baby) flowers. I didn't see this problem on other plants.


Thanks for any help!


Gum Wrapper Grows
The bottom pic looks like bud rot. I'd cut anything that looks like that out, with alcohol wiped blades each time.

The top pics look like possible over watering, which would contribute to gnats, bud rot, root rot, powdery mildew, flushed nutrients, etc.

Maybe let them dry out for a day or two, and see if they perk back up. If they do, don't water them again until they start to droop again.
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