Answered Plant Sex Test

Capt. C

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Has anyone ever used Farmer Freeman or the likes to do plant sex testing. Thinking about using em on my next seed run would like to know early so I dont veg them males out using my Earthboxs.
What kind of price do they charge per test? The last time i checked it was pretty expensive.


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Ok, now you got me curious.... Dc too, literally down the street here. I don't have a use for them on this current run, but I am curious as it "seems" the advertising is aimed towards cannabis? Or am I reading that into it as all I personally care about is cannabis? I can do that sometimes hahaha. If anyone does give this a try, please post your experience. I like to keep males for a bit, for breeding, bit it would amazing to separate them at a week or so.
got that plant count to deal with so this seems like a good option need a lil bit more time with two smaller seedlings then sending them off maybe a week.
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