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I wanted to start a spot on here to throw photos of grows and such, and also share my photography. Here in the next few months I will be taking photos at a couple of large grows, so should get some really nice shots of a lot of strains. For now, I'll just share a combination of grow journal-type posts and random photography when I get the chance.

Here's a sundae driver that I trained for a few months, then flowered at 16 tops. She's a really nice plant, smells earthy but skunky, and has some really fat calyxes popping out. I noticed a little foxtailing yesterday. She was fed fish poop during veg with a very small amount of Megacrop added, then switched to fish dookie and Bud Explosion for the flower cycle.

Anyhoo, there's some stuff. Thanks for checking it out.


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In Bloom
Gardem Update and Rambles:

I decided to add a greenhouse outside, mainly because the wind and rain here can be pretty crazy sometimes. My 16-cola lady is still looking nice; starting to get some really nice, DENSE sections of bud, and the trichs are really starting to stack up. She may end up being one of my best grows when all is said and done, but booba and italian cookies will be pretty hard to beat.

My supertron bag seeds seems to be doing great. Very tall, but buds are stacking nicely. Wasn't expecting much, but I'm starting to get excited because of how good the smoke was when I bought it. If this turns out similar it will be really nice. I currently have two of them running, along with a silverbush auto (berry bush x silverback F2), a tester for a grower called jake brake, and two dried out peaches.

I'm having a hard time deciding what I should run next, so I figured this would be a good place to ask for some poll-like advice. I know I want to run some space jammies from Dino Party because duh.

What 2 strains should I hunt next?

  1. White Rhino from MSNL
  2. Death by jellosy (jelly donut x death breath) from True Fire Genetics
  3. Guamba juice (pink mango guam x wilson) from Masonic
  4. Amnesia haze from MSNL
  5. Banana kush from MSNL
  6. Blueberry from MSNL
  7. Riddler OG Mac x Wilson from Masonic
  8. Tangie glue from Pottbelly Farms
  9. Saskatoon berry from Toontown
  10. Purple titties x blue hawk 44 testers from Twin Flamez and Toontown
  11. Black cake x raspado from Long Beach Reefer and Macky Mota seeds

Help. I'm indecisive and I'm addicted to buying beans. I need to grow more beans. @Dino Party told me to.

Thanks for reading my baloney.


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