Runtz Your Life UP?

So I’m staring this thread to find out what’s the hype behind the original Runtz strain. I recently bought a pack of Runtz V2 (which from the genetics looks as a Gelato BX)from Kr8 genetics mainly because hear about it a lot in the DC grow community. Yet know one I know has grown it or smoked it. Now I’m seeing different flavors pop up, peach runtz, cherry runtz, etc. Have any of you guys grew it out or know why it’s so hyped right now? I’m sure the flavor is a huge part but what else?
I got f2s from a friend who got his stock from la harborside or something like that, way back when, and he said it checked all the boxes for him as far as growin. I been Poppin one here and there, lol, trying to hang on, got one just up now, hoping for a gal. Got male last time.
I hope you can snag a female out the bunch. If you find anything I would love to hear about it. The Runtz V2 I have will be Gelato dominant I feel.
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