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Hi everybody, welcome to my happy gecko grow journal, feel free to grab a seat!
I'm starting this thread just to share what's going on at home and to keep a record of everything as I'm a champ at forgetting things..
Nothing fancy, I hope you will enjoy all of this as much as I do!

I've been mainly growing in coco dtw auto feed (siroflex) under 600w and 1000w hid. A couple of months ago I decided to try led's, main reason was @SSHZ and his insane threads! (thank you one more time!)

So this is how I run things for now;
5x5 veg tent 600w hid, where I also keep the moms, revegged plants etc
4x8 flowering tent 1000w hid DE with Adjust-a-wing reflector; this is what I use for the pheno hunting, usually 0,50-0,75gal plastic pots, revegging if needed
5x5 flowering tent Gavita 1750e led, where I (normally) run clones from the revegged plants, 2gal fabric pots, daily hand watering at the moment.

I will keep this setup till the end of this summer. After that, I may build a flowering room again (has been a while since I've not grown in tents, it's def not my thing anymore), replace the 1000w hid by another gavita led (used on a 5x5 surface) and place the auto feed system.

At the moment I'm vegging some;
Carolina Reaper -
Barn Burner - Woodstock Farmacy
Chronic - Serious seeds
Cherry Poppins - Grateful Garden
Exodus Kush - DNA
Cherry 18 - DNA
Gelato - Oaseeds
Tahoe x Somango - Oaseeds
Triangle Octane - Seed Junky

In flowering we have some:
Black Rainbow - Masonrie Genetics
Tropicanna Kush - Oni Seeds
Meow - Prolific Coast
Commerce City Kush - Rare Dankness
Z3 - Terp Hogz
GG#4 S1 - GG strains

Revegged pheno's/moms;
Road Dawg (2) - Karma Genetics
Black Cherry Pie F5 (2) - In house
SD BX4 (2) - Karma
GG#4 BX1 (2) - Elev8 seeds
Tire Fire (1) - Archive
Heath Wave (3) - Archive
Watermelon Zkittlez - Dying Breed
ERSB - Sensi
Straciatella - TH seeds
Blueberry x Lavender (2)

Enough said lol, here are some random pics and the last girls that went down recently;



GG#4 BX1

Commerce City Kush

Tire Fire


In Bloom
Black Cherry Pie F5

Oh btw, just received some Sherbert BX from Simply 2 Complex, description mentioned a freebie mega pack.. well if didn’t expect this, there are surely 100+ seeds in it! Thing is I’m really not familiar with about half of the genetics used, so if anyone spots something that could be interesting feel free to share :)




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Damn, nothing but good stuff going on in here!

Funny enough the same two freebies Jag and Frim mentioned are the ones that caught my eye too. Don't know the breeders but those are some real nice crosses. I like the sounds of the Josh D x Grape TK too! That's a heck of a freebie pack.


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Thanks for the input guys! This is def one of the orders where you’re more interested into the freebies than the seeds you just paid for lol, love it!
After a quick lineage search, the Steel Macnolia, fatso x cement shoes, dosi x waiting game and josh D x grape tk sound indeed really exciting!! I was planning to pop them all after this summer as tents are already full for the next three months, but I might manage to make some extra room and so popping them now straight under 12/12 and keep some studs to play with after this summer.. Think it will be today’s head-scratching question!

Oh btw I forgot to mention the Mandelbrot’s Royal Kush and LIT Farms IDGAF (Watermelon Zkittlez x (Flo x Dodidos)) I’ve flipped a few days ago, pics will follow when/if things are getting interesting.

Thanks y’all!


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Alright so I’ve decided to pop the josh d x grape tk, dosi x waiting game and the slurri sorbet :) I think i still have some 100w cfl’s left around that I will use to flower the males, then I will get busy with the steel macnolia, fatso x cement shoes and other few things after this summer.


Best Vibes!


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Hi everyone!
Quick update as past week has been quite busy between the girls and lurking at PH’s content!

Black Cherry Pie F5 #2’s went down, I just can’t get enough of their sweet apricot/peach scebts

IDGAF ((Watermelon OG x Plum Wine (Flo x Dosidos) by LIT Farms I’ve flipped a few days ago are looking great, most have this nice bushy structure with great vigor, responded very well being topped;


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Flipped these two JTR F2’s and one Straciatella (TH Seeds reg form) under the led three days ago;


And I think I’ve finally started to dial with the photo editor from my wife’s phone to get colours closer to what they look like IRL, especially with lights on; not perfect yet, but getting there! :) more pics will follow this weekend


Commerce City Kush

GG4 S1

Black Rainbow

Tropicanna Kush

Best Vibes everyone!


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Thanks for the kind words @Jewels!

The Straciatella and JTR F2 both come from the same friend; I haven’t tasted yet the JTR yet but the Straciatella is indeed quite something as it has a strong and particular spicy cacao powder taste/scent. At first it reminded me some old AK47 pheno’s but the taste is definitely smoother and mellower with the Straciatella (really smooth actually).


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Hi everyone! Have been quite busy with the girls this week, some of them went down, pics will follow tonight or tomorrow!

Lately my back and legs did often hurt, I’ve passed some exams at the hospital and they found a herniated disc —‘ I’ve never checked for pain relief when pheno hunting, this may change now. So Feel free to share if you’ve tested genetics with good pain relief :)
Told my wife I had to drown my sorrow and then grabbed my seed box ^^
So these have already been put in water, I will pop the MAC F3 from sour genetics and Thug Phug 7of9 as soon as I them, hopefully tomorrow.


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