Strainly shutting down - Confirmation received


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I received this tody from Strainly :(

Hi there,

For many families, businesses and communities, 2020 came with its lot of challenges.

We haven't been able to find a reliable payment processor after we were shut down -again- in May. This is a common issue in our industry, and crypto currencies create way too much friction and overheads to be a viable alternative as of 2020. Hence, while many of you are willing to pay to use Strainly and its premium features, there's technically no viable way to monetize Strainly at scale.

Ads network options are also very limited in our industry, while advertising is very regulated. Ad revenues are therefore quite limited.

In parallel, as our user base increased, our costs of operations did too, especially during the past year. Expenses grew faster than revenue.

Rather than going into a situation where there will be no chance to ever bounce back, it became wiser to take a break in order to keep a chance to restart when the dust settles. A difficult decision we resisted making for as long as we could.

A few people speculated about the reasons for this hiatus. In case you are wondering, our servers and databases have remained secured since we launched Strainly 4 years ago. You have strictly nothing to worry about when it comes to your information. It has never been shared, accessed nor requested by third-parties.

We are hopeful we'll come back stronger when the context improves.

Thank you for your continuous support over the years!
The Strainly team​
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