Stunted growth?


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Sprouted Mass Appeal and Santa Muerte by Inkognyto, Tin Foil Hat by Green Rebel, and a bean from my own stash.

Each got germinated, in May, transferred into 1 gal pots of espoma topsoil, topped them all way sooner than usual just for shits and giggles, transplanted them a few weeks ago into 15 gal FFOF/Coco/perilite/bone meal combo.

They're all like 4-6" tall. I've never had this happen before, the things that have changed from previous grows are the fact that I moved lol so different soil, fabric pots as opposed to 5 gal buckets, city water as opposed to well, and full, all day sun as opposed to partial shade.

I'm thinking the early topping stunted them right out of the gate, then maybe a combo of nute lockout and too much harsh sun, as it's been 90+ every day for the past month.

I just bought a PH and TDS meter, and a sediment/carbon filter for the water, so I'll test that today.

Here's a pic of the Mass Appeal, the happiest looking of them all lol pretty puny for two months from germination.


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