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I really like his deep chunk, X18 PTK, and oh my pure haze. I have a small pack of an heirloom cider x18 kush to be preserved. RIP Tom your work will not be forgotten

This pack means a little more now....not a true pure but a great heirloom..

Genetics: X18 (Californian – Pakistani Hindu Kush)
Type: Pure Indica-type
Indoors: c. 63 days
Outdoors: mid-October

This is a Spanish continuation of the original Tom Hill X18, a renowned true-breeding Indica-type strain with roots in the Pakistani Hindu Kush. The original landrace from which X18 was inbred is said to have been introduced to Northern California in the 1980s. Crucially, it’s believed this strain has never been outcrossed

This continuation of x18 has two main variants, one sour and one sweet. The sour type has a powerful apple cider aroma. The sweet type has candy, pear, apple, and grape scents. Taste and yield of the pure line are superb. A fine breeding parent, its hybrid offspring exhibit denser, more resinous buds and intensified aromas.


RIP Tom Hill. I can still recall him and his work from the forums back in the day. His pack designs were simple, but on point. Back in the day when we were all outlaws haha. Oddly enough, a much simpler time. I miss those days. The seed business seemed to be a lot more on point too. I am looking through some Monkey Balls right now. I have one lady about 3 weeks into flower that I am liking the looks/smells of so far. I truly appreciate the time and energy that he put in. Positive vibes...

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