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Reviving an old thread here, but we're also watching a LOT of foreign TV at our place the last year or so: I like getting a different flavor from these shows. People are just people at the end of the day, but things get run through differing filters in other cultures, so you end up getting viewpoints that are fundamentally the same, but different in a lot of ways. Stuff like differences in architecture and fashion are cool to see, too.

We're just getting going, but below is a partial list of what we've tried - all available on Netflix

Midnight Diner - Japan / Travelers - Canada / Borgen - Denmark / Dark - Germany / The Protector - Turkey / Rita - Norway / The Gift - Turkey / Lupin - France / Crash Landing On You - S Korea / McLeod's Daughters - Australia / Ethos - Turkey / Bodyguard - England / Secret City - Australia / Love and Anarchy - Sweden / Versailles - France


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Midnight Diner is wonderful.

For me, it's Archer, Community, Arrested Development, The Office, Always Sunny, The Good Place, China IL, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law...


For England; Are you being Served ?, My Family, Doctor Who, ..... Just drew a blank, there's more though.... Torchwood is pretty good too. Oh! Keeping up Appearances is also good. American TV I generally watch Ghost Hunters, River Monsters, Catching Monsters, Chasing Monsters, Monster Fish..... Damn near anything to do with big fish, and of course "Good Eats" for Food stuff, and the original Iron Chef. I like the Simpsons of course, and like Family Guy, and I've been watching "Music's Greatest Mysteries" too. Some Paranormal shows on TV are ridiculous because it's like "Oh look at that orb.....It's the ghost of so and so...." and it's like "Nah bro that's dust or a bug reflecting your IR light...." I can't watch some of the Paranormal shows because they'll find something where the person should be calling an electrician and be like "it's haunted". Ghost Hunters is good though, and they have recorded some of the best footage I've ever personally seen.

My Mom grew up in a house that used to be a morgue for babies.... The things she told me about seeing when she was younger were crazy, and my Aunt's as we (My cousins and I) got older would tell us some of the stuff they'd see and it was pretty nuts.

One of them told me about how at night they'd be asleep in their beds, and the blankets would literally roll themselves off of them at night. They also saw full body stuff too. I've personally seen and heard things going bump in the night myself but not like what they experienced in that place. Creepy side fact; When my cousin was born he was never told that he was actually the third baby my Aunt attempted to have, and they wanted to wait until he was older to explain that to him.

Well, one day he found out in a way that blew my mind; He came home from school and was old enough to be home alone, and he got back to the house, and started doing something in his bedroom.

He was standing in his bedroom, and he had a closet in there that when you'd open it, there was a stairway that lead up to the attic, and while he was standing there, he said he heard 3 knocks on the door, and got freaked out. He went to grab a rifle that he had laying on his bed (Yeah we were young, but he also hunted and knew how to use a gun so that wasn't odd for us) and when he got his hands on the rifle, he said he literally couldn't lift it.

He said it felt like something was holding it down like it had been spot welded to the mattress and then, a voice told him to not be scared, and that it was his brothers.... He didn't know any of that, and after a bit, it stopped. I'll be Honest here; That attic was creepy as shit... Like you were being watched up there. I think he ended up leaving until his parents got home from work, and of course they had no real choice but to tell him about the two babies my Aunt had been pregnant with before he was born.

Needless to say, neither of us consider an orb a ghost LOL.


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The Lazarus project I just started watching. From had me hooked and resident alien sucked me in. Wolf like me too. I enjoy quiet time spending an hour watching something together with the Mrs when I'm home and the tin lids are asleep.


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Apple TV has come out with some really AWESOME tv shows.

The Servant....super creepy... A woman leaves her kid in the car and it dies...and she carries around a doll...until the doll comes to life..

For All Mankind...WOW is this a fantastic show. An alternate universe where RUSSIA was first on the moon....and the USA was shortly after. And everything is flipped on its head...including race and gender equity 30 years before it actually happend. And...because of have no idea what will happen next.
Nail biter a lot of the time too.. I thought it might be ok and it is great.

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Sounds great, but Apple is the one streamer I ain't got. We're still watching foreign stuff on Netflix. Just finished watching a show from Spain, Intimacy, and started a British show, but I can't remember the name... Behind Her Eyes. There's so much great TV - something for everybody!
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