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Right Now...

I have these in a wet ziplock...
1 Chem SSDH x GG4
1 Trinty x Ortega
1 Blackberry Kush x Triangle
1 Alien Og purple pheno x Underdog Og

These genetics are over 4 yrs old so germ rates have been a total rotten BITCH!
we'll see how they go in a week.
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We'll see...
I have gone through 18 strains an most of what I soaked...split & mushed out...or just plain soaked.

At this point Im just trying to germ anything left in my seed stash.

IF they spit tails...I will do a journal.

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This isnt from 2020. However the concept remains...
It is my old Germ/clone tent...it ran 2ft. T5s. 440nm/460nm/480nm/10k actinic
I was looking for a way to pheno hunt in a 4x4 & 3x3...in 2/2020
most seed packs are 10+... I can run 10, take cuts, & collect pollen...without mixing things up.
Each Male clone will produce pollen...while the females are rooting.

I can pollen brush a single branch...& still test the clones for keeper smoke.
Most packs are hybrids, so I use the pollen to produce seed...then run seedling in the cloner on 12/12.
The goal is to get more than 10 seeds in a run...from one strain...& pick through all the female presentations in the run.
That way I can isolate the P1 in any hybrid pack.

There was also a theory that a single clone maybe be able to display variation...however, I have no proof & it is only a theory
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