“You know your a grower when =“


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I’ll get started

“You know your a grower when =“

you spend way more time and concern on the plants vs yourself
you play music and dance with them everyday
make it a weekly minimum to take porn and log every step of your cycle and then relook at it for comparisons and enjoyment
your browser is only cannabis related
the world could be going to hell but if you got some good dank it’s still a good day
seeds and weed are your treasure vs money and gold and misc common speciality
when you kill/harvest plants you sheed a tear
your top contacts on your phone are nute, lighting company’s , IPM & grow related
your YouTube main suggestion for new videos to watch majority cannabis related
your willing to jerk off stems to guess the future smell of the plant


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You know you're a grower when...

-you have a cupboard full of clean, pure flower that costs almost nothing and can't imagine paying $5 or $7 or $10+ dollars a gram for dubious crap of unknown origin

-after decades of running dry, you now are finding excuses to gift your surplus to friends

-you feel at home on a place like this with people like y'all.

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Ya know your a grower if;

2 or more rooms in your crib has grow equipment working.

You have a dedicated area for each phase.

You tend to your seed collection, sprouts, veggers and bloom room every day even if nothing is in there.

You got a weird attraction to things that smell repulsive to most folks , i.e. a skunks arse, burning rubber, dead fish and bat and bird dung.

Molasses is your favorite sweetner.

Your attracted to the beauty of sunsets because they remind you of the HPS glow.

You have at least 4 shelves in your garage of previous used grow equipment and at least a half shelf with new stuff.

You dont use quart jars for storage, 1/2 gallon jars stack better.

When you harvest you have to use the "big" scales.

Youve somehow created a love/hate relationship with a 55 gal barrel.

Your veggie gardens soil out back looks like the forest floor from all the spent HF and OF you've dumped out there over the last decade.

You have many frozen treats in the freezer that everyone cant have.

You are on your 67th timer.

And i could go on all mornin lol.

EDIT: and nobody you know is out of bud, ever.
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When you have six pairs of identical trim scissors but you have still a favorite pair out of the six because all the hash that's built up on that pair over the last ten years has moulded to the shape of your hand & the way you hold scissors perfectly.
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