“You know your a grower when =“

Sugar Pops420

You know your a grower when…

You‘re burping jars first thing, waiting for the coffee to brew..

It takes you more than 10 mins to finally figure out what strain you want to smoke

You look at unknown bugs questioning “friend or foe”

Spider webs scare the shit out of you, but you’re not at all aracnaphobic

Your cable box is a germination station and your PlayStation/Xbox is the overflow

No closet is safe come harvest season

You’re more ‘invested in roots‘ than a fungus gnat!

She, her, beautiful all refer to a cultivar

To you, green = Life


3 months a year you have to stock up on rubbing alcohol so your scissors and hands don't stick to everything you touch...

Yesterday I was literally picking sugar leaves out of my beanie hat..... And off my coat.... Shirt is covered in resin and I smell like Weed but only notice when I'm not at the house.

The fun ones are when you're trying to figure out if a cat pissed in a room or if the open jars are the reason.

Smelling Cheese from another room and yet you aren't eating

Smelling Skunks when there are none around

Smelling Onions and wondering if your deodorant failed or your garden was a win

Having Spiderman like powers that only work when you try putting something down...
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