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shit come across my fb feed yesterday, lol, apparently you can get it online, I take its a ketamine precursor that can be used as cut or maybe even used personally. What the hell? Figured some in this group might be able to explain. Its obviously a research and development chem, lol, so I hardly see any for human consumption, so Im hoping someone can explain, just curious, thanks


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It looks to be a ketamine analog, where the chlorine group was replaced by fluorine, and is thought to act as an NMDA receptor antagonist. It has been banned in many european countries already. Very similar effects to ketamine, overuse can cause bladder and urinary track cystitis. Thats what i gathered from a quick sweep.


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Ah, ketamine just isn't my jam, something about snorting or injecting a psychedeloc just doesn't feel right. And I'm just not a fan of the feeling all together. I will say for dmt though that I have made dmt nasal sprays that worked very very well, lengthen the experience ce to about 45 mins and if you get the mix just right theres no burn or any disco.fort just a few squeeze mists up each nostril, takes just a little bit longer to kick in, comeuppance is only slightly more gradual than smoking but if you just slowly go back and forth and back and forth to each nostril until you literally can't see anymore you can achieve a full.blown breakthrough that carries on for what seems like AN ETERNITY and then the comedown affects are obviously stretched dout as well
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