Accurate HID/LED Lux to PAR measuring for around $30

If you're like me and enjoy measuring your light intensity and distribution but don't want to spend the $$$ for a PAR meter, then this might just be the thread for you.

I came across this video a while back made by Shane from MIGRO.

In it he has done a side by side comparison test using an Apogee SQ500 Quantum Sensor (SQ-500-SS: Full-Spectrum Quantum Sensor) and a $30 Lux meter purchased from Amazon.

Amazon product

The video gives the formulas and shows graphs of the LUX to PAR values for MH, HPS, 3k, 3.5k, 4k and 5k white LED.

Granted this isn't the exact PAR values, but the great thing is you can have piece of mind know you're using a piece of equipment that has been effectively "calibrated" with a Quantum Sensor.

I had a cheap Lux meter from Amazon already but I went ahead and ordered the one shown.
I suggest you do the same. This meter read anywhere from 3k-7k differently than the other one I had.

Using this I was able to make myself a quick "cheat sheet" of all the Lux amounts for my mh, hps and cmh for all the "key par values" we're all concerned with.

If you're looking for a pretty darn accurate way of telling how much PAR your plants are getting without breaking the bank, I recommend you give the video a look.

Happy growing


Tilts at Tables
Such a handy tool. I read the original apogee quantum was off about 10% for LED.
Still waaay more accurate the eyeball. Like 100%
I saw this video of a dude turning on a grow light in his garage.
"Look , it is not even bright"
,,, now that is what I call a tool.
A candle would glare a digital camera.
If you are not measuring, you just dont know.
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