Anybody using a wine fridge to cure in?


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I have one of those cigar humidors...basically the same thing. Does he/she ever mention that there is a noticeable difference? How about your Fridge experience?
Well I haven't talked to dude since before covid but his buds are always on point.
My case was deciding between a house that stays 78F year round or ?‍♀️. The fridge won. I can tell the difference in the double True Soulfire as I've had one jar in the fridge and the rest inside next to the tent. The refrigerated stuff smokes smoother but that's the only noticable difference.
Also, some of the jars in the fridge got sugar leaf on the lid and didn't get a good seal so it's very dry. I've added a couple boveda packs to "rehydrate" and that's sufficient for me but making sure the bag or jar is firmly sealed is a must.

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I've done it

it's not better then a room at 65°
but in the summertime when it's hotter then Satan's ballz
it works great (you gotta be patient)

need brown paper sacks(old school lunch ones)
trim wet
put in sacks
put in fridge
give them a giggle & shake for first 3 or 4 days then leave alone
takes bout 3-4 weeks to dry

I had a old college dorm fridge
no freezer


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I used an actual wine cooler....then gave the wine cooler away it seemed like a good idea but I found humidity hard to control ..the Evaporator would hit defrost and I'd get a flush of humidity. Long story short . It did not work for me . They do make a humidity controlled wine cooler but that's not what I tried
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