Apple Fritter Lumpys Cut


"The Philosopher, is Stoned"
Has anyone here grown it yet? Curious what anyone's thoughts were? I've heard it was good but mostly hype. Considering grabbing a cut soon buy want to make sure it's worth dedicating the time and space too
Hey brother, I should have some Apple Fritters by midweek, plan on running them after my preservation run [March?]. Proly won't have an answer until this post is over a year old. For both of us, I hope it's worth the wait.
Been poppin' beans as fast as I can do them justice, Keep looking for the Holy Grail. I fear my tolerance is hindering my efforts. I had friends give me some red Vietnamese in the 70's and have never been that happily high since. When I find this mystical lady, I will definitely be sharing! :passjhomie: :oldskoolog:
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