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Is Auto Refresh in "What's new" tab useful?

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As you've all seen, when in the "What's new" tab, the page will automatically refresh every minute or however long you set it to. This has functionality on its own for several reasons, such as keeping notifications updated, in which some users may find helpful to stay up to date. However, some users may not like this.


Keep in mind that the page will only auto refresh if you're in the "What's new" tab. When in any other tab, it won't. You may have noticed that when in the "What's new" tab, that if you're typing and haven't finished yet, it will refresh and you lose your typing. To circumvent this, you can be in any other tab (such as "Home") and do your typing (say, in chat) without it refreshing on you. That said, if this functionality isn't useful, then we can turn it off. Let's put it up for a vote.


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I'd like to see it gone. I get the urge to play with all the bells and whistles in the software, but to me, the simpler the better. I love the basic forum functionality and options (other than how it deals with some 3rd party hosted photos;)), but blocked the distracting animated bar at the top with the simple graphic long ago and turn off the auto-refresh thing as soon as I sign in.


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the thing goes off and it moves my view to the top of that page. Has zero to do with being on the what's new tab.......I wasn't on it.


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Voted yes, but will comment on what looks like a lot of redundancy beteen latest posts and whats new tabs. The scroll box of latest posts on top of the fixed list in the whats new tab, one could be dropped?

I dont use the latest post and whats new a whole lot and opinions are like.......elbows.
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