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🌱OTR Genetics🌱
Hey all , figured I'd settle in and make a little spot. Been growing four years, some good plants some bad. But I love cannabis especially when it is my own. Working out of a 4x4 with a 600 watt mh/hps. 3x3 with a 270watt rapidled cob and 600watt rapidled grow maus pucks.
Here's some of my best or nicest looking girls


🌱OTR Genetics🌱
Dropping some beanage today. Gonna go with a couple of each of these.
Simply Complex
1. Sunset sherbert x (Biscotti x Sunset sherbert)
2. (Sunset sherbert x Skunk) x Skunk
Crockett Family Farms
Cherry Springer
Reno Genetics
Deathstar x Hyperglue
Mosca Seeds
Azucar (IBG x C99)
Buckeye purple x Blood orange
Pineapple mayhem x Blood rose


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