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These are not my moms brownies..hell they are not even my first brownies these are BROWNIES

Each piece is roughly 1000 MG and i am about to add canna caramel drizzle when they cool.

I will cut them into 4 pieces each for 24 ridiulous brownies.



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I use the costco cocoa powder..recipe on the back and it takes a solid cup of fat. I use coconut oil but infused butter packs some punch too.

The last batch was made with butter as per the recipe (1 cup of butter).

The butter was 4 oz of stuff (buds, frosty trim etc) decarbed into 2 1/2 cups of butter

I made caramel out of it and used it as the drizzle icing (1 cup)

1 of those big pieces is a lot i find a quarter of a brownie comes on really nice and hard..


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Thanks alot @OldG ?. I've made a batch or two but have used the betty crocker box and they turn out ok. So I know how you are on the edibles so figured you have to have a good one. Seems like what I've been missing is the amount of decarbed bud I'm using. I shall double it up from now on? lol.


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Almost brownie time. Drained off coconut oil extract from 3 quart jars. I no longer press or squeeze the excess oil, instead I make my brownies with it. The little bit of extra oil is a bonus. 3 batches, 1 dark chocolate blueberry, 1 dark chocolate orange and 1 milk chocolate butterscotch. Life is tasty!!!
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