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I love bubblers....i make them out of Blowes totes or any of those heavy duty black totes with yellow blue green whatever lids.

I have been using 12 inch air stones and they are ok. I want to maybe invest in 2 air disks. Anyone use these before?

2 x 8 inch would provide ample bubbles for the 12 or 17 gallon bubble totes. Is there a better bubbler? I will run them forever so i will invest in something amazing.


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It is really hit and miss, some perform better under volume, some perform better under pressure. Laguna pond supplies gets good reviews.
Not something you can necessarily buy your way out of. There are different price points and some are certainly better than others, but at the end of the day it is a limited life consumable.

I have refurbished disks by coarsely resurfacing them, it seems to give a bit of new ooomph.


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is there not an aerrated non consumable ?

If not...back to the 12 inch airstones....basically it is a giant version of reds 5 gallon cloner....why do 5 gallons when you can do 10 15 20.

Bigger is better...And i can not rationalize less.
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