Butter Mints...like the wedding reception kind.


In Bloom
Depending on who's wedding reception you are at, they may or may not be well received.
I use this recipe, (giving credit where it is do):

I do things a little bit different. I use silicone molds to make teddy bear mints, just for fun.

I use this calculator to figure the cannabutter dosage:

This recipe only used 1/2 cup of butter and makes 160 mints with the molds I use.
With the 21% THC strain I am using, and making 1 cup of butter with 10 grams, this batch of mints came out to 3.9 mg per mint.

If you are interested in edibles at all, this is definitely worth a try IMO.
If you would happen to have any questions just give a shout.

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