Cloning Males


Cannabis Chaotician
So I'm assuming at least a few of the fine breeders here clone males and I was wondering how males compared to females when it comes to cloning.... easier, harder or no difference?

I ask because my GMO male cloned easier than everything else by far.... 48 hrs to well established roots... every other plant has been in there well over a week, and a few just rooted now, and not as well... trying to figure out if that's just normal or if it's something worth keeping an eye on


Cannabis Chaotician
WmWtf? Dude.
I have waited 48 days for roots.
I give up.
Gonna go kick rocks, smoke weed , admire seed,,,

Sorry🇨🇦for the interruption.
Carry on.
Trust me my friend, this is a first for me, hence the question! Most of my cloning attempts have landed in the compost pile... seeing roots has been a very pleasant surprise... seeing them so quickly had me looking for someone pranking me
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