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For starting off I would just buy a cheap, basic rig until you figure out what works for you. I would spend the money on a quality banger & cap vs a fancy pipe. The longer the mouth piece the better. The long mouth piece lets you see what you are doing and watch the oil vaporize. They also let you keep your eyebrows!
- I enjoy large bongs and complex bubblers for flower but do not like large or complex oil rigs. The smaller the better for me. I find the taste and potency to be much better the less it is circulated or diffused. Larger rigs & complex rigs do not use oil as efficiently, and allow much of the vapor your lungs would be getting to cool and condense in the pipe before getting to you.
Concentrate pens are great if you are on the move but don't hit quite as hard nor provide the taste that even a cheap imported rig can provide. The various 510 concentrate pens by OOZE are cheap, reliable and can be found just about anywhere.
Here are two of my simple, ugly, cheap rigs. I don't think I have more $90 in the pair but they both get the job done well. 20211112_063321.jpg


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Man that C2 attachment you have is absolutely gorgeous. This pic makes me want to get a peak just for one of these! I'm a sucker for amber purple or serendipity. Hell, any color rods from northstar are beautiful.
Im glad you can appreciate it. I just recently upgraded to the peak pro, and the LED light shines up from the bottom and makes it look even cooler

It’s a bit dirty, but you can get the idea.
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