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Originally posted by @Capt. C in the "What did you do today?" thread. Great informative post, all credits to him.

by @Capt. C :
First time trying the DNA sex test on the plants and thought i would post a short tutorial on it. I am testing three different strains here and one of the strains has two different leaners ( OS A 1 and OS B 1 ) The company i used is called Delta Leaf Labs. The tests are 10 dollars per plant plus 8 dollars for all 18 samples shipped back to them. Maybe a bit of novelty with a small grower like me but the fact that i can potentially eliminate male plants 2 weeks after sprout is pretty exciting. The instructions were good so i had no problem there. The hardest part for me was holding a steady hand to cut the cotyledon leaf off from the main stem. Sharp scissors and a shaky hand right next to the main stalk made me a little nervous :oops:. The real key to everything going smoothly was having things organized and ready to go. I took the samples in groups of 4 and 5 at a time. Took me less than a hour to collect and seal up 18 samples. So it's off to the lab for testing. @spyralout if you think this post should be somewhere else go ahead and move it please.




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