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Greetings friends,
I have 2 plants in earthboxes in veg. They're in coast of Maine stonnington mix and in using the probiotic method with compost and bokashi on top and h20 with em1 in the res. They're in a 2x4 under a mars ts600 and a mars ts1000 with 2 autos flowering on the other side. They've been in the boxes for about 2 weeks with no issue until Tuesday evening (after watering with em1 on Monday morning)when i noticed lightening and some spotting and Browning. assuming it's a deficiency caused by improper ph i checked the ph of the res and it was 7.3/7.4 in each. I proceeded to add water phd at 3.5 to the res until overflow, attempting to bring it down. I got the overflow down to read 6.8 when i dripped my non-waterproof ph meter in the water reverting it useless. Since yesterday it appears the issue is getting worse. Unfortunately i cannot get anything to test ph until Saturday night to even check the res ph, much less adjust it. My questions are, does anyone know if a way that i can ensure 4 gallons of water id's between 5.8 and 6.8?and, is this phosphorus deficiency? Does Anyone know gouge to fix this if it isn't a ph issue?
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2ml per gallon of GH ph down gets me from around 8 to a bout 6.5

But take that with a grain of salt theres minerals and shit in the water that effect ph ect ect..

Going in blind you can do more harm then good.

I would just correct whatever goes wrong in a few days when you can accurately get your hands on something.
Yeah,planned on waiting till Saturday,then drain and refill at 6.7.


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Is your PH too high ? The range for soil is 6.0 to 7.0?

Mine would look like that in coco when i drifted past 6.5 which is the red zone for coco coir.
Yeah,it was high on Monday/Tuesday. Went to get my sitting tap water in the proper range and dropped the meter in the water(it wasn't waterproof). Now i have no idea what the res is at and won't know until Saturday at the earliest. Was just wondering if anybody thought there may be another option to rectify things prior to my new meter(and backup test drops)arrive on Saturday. Wasn't sure if they would be too far gone with the deficiency by then.


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Pick up the blue labs waterproof one, you wont be sorry. If it helps, my ph down, mad farmer phosphoric acid, drops a point per 2 ml. So you could guesstimate off of that from where you were last known.
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