ECSD x Skunky Brewster

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Schwaggy P

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Strain Name: None
Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel (Chaco’s cut) x Skunky Brewster
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid (sat dom)

Yield: Medium-Heavy
Flowering Time: 65-72 days
Height: Medium, Main cola/smaller side branches, x2-x2.5
Feeding: Most phenos did well with low-medium feeding
Training: Stems/branches were sturdy and did not require much support

Phenotypes: There was not a wide variance in the phenotypes of the test run. The plants were similar to the Skunky VA (Chem’91skva x Skunky Brewster) both in structure and floral aesthetics. Large fan leaves, deep serrations, strong side branching/budding.
Effect: Rushing high, euphoria, can be overdone into discomfort, slow/relaxing come down after ~1.5-2hrs
Taste/Smells: Oil rag, Chem, Sour funk

Skiesel - 1.jpeg ECSD x SkB.jpeg
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