Garbage Pail Skunk

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Strain Name: Garbage Pail Skunk (tentative)
Genetics: Giesel x Skunky D
gp skunk.png
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid

Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time: 63-75 days
Height: Medium, x2 stretch
Feeding: Moderate feeding
Training: Grows with apical main stem and half-height side branches, consider topping.

Giesel Leaners: Fuel nose, chunky bud blobs, broad leaves
Skunky D leaners: Smell like dumpster juice/dirty diapers, narrower leaves, sturdier stems, tighter calyxes
: dumpster juice, fuel soaked dirty diapers, halitosis, infection

20200215_212042.jpg 20200227_220150.jpg 20200315_015637.jpg 20200315_015658.jpg 20200315_015735.jpg 20200315_021134.jpg P1-D65.jpg P3-D65.jpg P4-D65.jpg
photo credit: @CoB_nUt
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