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no problem bro,👊 like i said maybe someone can break down the amounts for a lesser amount.
do you fish? i get tons of casting free from a local bait shop they used to clean em out and just toss them, and they are a small ma and pop shop so they feed and care for their worms pretty well.
The recipe you listed before had a typo, or the buds were strong with you. Lol.
Total mix would be 280 gals, not 180. 😁😁😁
Thanks I might do that with a tote. Great idea to get me going earlier. But my base is 9 full bags of roots organics. Will be a few large trash cans. I really dig your threads btw. Always learn something new from them :)
If you let me know the size amount the bags are a conversion can be done.
I'm putting together my amendments too. This is very sikilar to subcools mix. He recommends adding a little humic acid to the water to help encourage the process

My dude! I'm definitely gonna take you up on that.Math isnt my strong suit,unless Im counting bread. WTF is 33% Aeration,33% base%33compost? (These #s are just thrown in for examples sake) Where tf is that other 1%? lol.Im clueless. I'd be mixing up 18 gal tote-worth atta time or how much the 1-2 bags of base,plus the ewc and minerals make,aeration included of course.
Yes,have plenty of hdx 18gal totes and a nice lil
shed to hold/cook the soil in them in.
Ya,nothaving soil outdoors cooking on a tarp is a no go for me.Not so much worried about bugs and I am the Po-Po.
From what I understand,true living soil and or compost doesn't have "bad" bugs,or are out competed by "good" bugs,fungi and bacteria. I might be saying that wrong,I'm still a newb to all of this.
My soil growing experience goes as far as tossing some beans in the dirt outside and letting them rip.
I didn't know any better back then and was doing as told lol.😁
Here ya finally go Cob mang. Took me a minute to sit down for some math. Lol.
Like maybe ME????!! But it's less than a month later. I'm not hurt, really I won't cry ;D LOL ::waving::
Thought you'd wanna be in on the reduced recipe too. 😁😁😁

Just getting some math done and jamming to some tunes here. Lol.

Evergreens mix reduced 10% and 5% recipe.

-Left side is the 10% reduced for 28 gals total soil, or two 18 gal totes to use.
-Use a kitchen scale or 2 tablespoons per oz if measuring that way.
-Right side is 5% scale for one tote full.
ok guys here it is this is how i mix up my soil. let me start by saying idk how you would break this down for smaller batches you will need to @ a math head for that lol

I start with a high grade organic soil that i can get locally. I buy this by the cubic yard this would equal 9 3 cubic ft bags of soil. just make sure your base soil is high in organic matter and well blended and mixed. You dont want rocky soil or soil with big chunks of wood or bark in it. a good soil will smell super earthy, be light and fluffy it will compact well when squeezed but should also break back apart easily not stay compacted.
I use down to earth nutrients with my soil as well as perlite and high quality fresh earthworm castings, and de as its high in silica.

I start with 1 cubic yard of base soil. minus about 25 gallons worth.
I then add 4 3 cu ft bags of perlite for a total of 12 cu ft of perlite.
next is the worm casting i add 50 lbs of worm casting (i source this local from a bait shop owner ive become good friends with)
4lbs of bone meal from DTE
1 lb Azomite DTE
4lbs alfalfa meal DTE
.5lbs of oystershell powder DTE
2lbs blood meal DTE
1.5 lbs langbeinite DTE
.25lbs diatomite hi silica (DE)
I mix all of this very thoroughly through out a 2 day time frame, I mix this up using a shovel and a rototiller to really blend it up i do this on top of a tarp so be careful if you use a rototiller not to hit the tarp. i then lightly water the mix fold the tarp and let it sit another day
I then store it in 50 gal trash cans it will fill 3 full cans ( i fill 2 cans full and two others half full!) and have a little left over the left over i toss on top of the veggie garden or top dress parts of my lawn.
I then take one of the half full cans and fill the rest of it with the base soil we set aside in the beginning to use for seedlings and clones.
the other half full can is used to put the soil in as i use it so when i harvest a plant i let its pot get very dry and slice up all the roots and grind it into the half full can then mix it once this can is full it becomes the next seedling and clone batch.

this makes roughly 180 gallons of soil.
How long do,u let it cook for? 2 months?


How long do,u let it cook for? 2 months?
When I make that huge batch it’s done behind a greenhouse I usually start mixing it all together after snow melts (late March) and it sits till roughly Mother’s Day before any starts to be used so about a month in a half would be my best guess, it’s not something I’ve ever kept track of I’ve used it on some deciduous trees right after mixing without harm but that’s another species of plant completely
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