Question Full face respiratory PPE for top dressing medium + foliar


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Full face respiratory :

do you use ppe standard of full face for dry amending , foliar spraying and misc.

I normally always wear my full face but today I thought, hey Im just overdoing it , just wear a simple dust respirator . thing is i was uppotting and applying shrimp meal ,When I was done sprinkling that stuff and done with project of uppotting I could feel nasty shit all over my face and anywhere the cover alls did it protect me. Even my eyes felt itchy . I think next time ( gonna do crab meal tomorrow ) full face all the time on dry amending and anything nasty via foliar .


example of full face, I choose p100 organic vapor as my filters.

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do you guys wear full face for via dry amendments Applied top dressed and pesticides/fungicides + coveralls and gloves ? I try to but sometimes I guess I think I can break the rules ( prolly shouldn’t do that )

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